Well, this was a first

Birds, mice, frogs, scorpions, slugs, all kinds of spiders, ants, moths and many unidentified insects: yes.

Snakes? No. 

We had a snake in our house. A small snake, a garter snake. Quite pretty. Nonetheless, it was where it ought not be. And then, startled by an over interested cat and dog, it made its escape down an air vent. 

This is the part of the story where I reassure my dear readers that this story has a happy ending.

Still, a vent is not a good home for a snake. So we herded all the overly interested furkids out of the room. Removed the vent cover and built a barricade around the vent, making the exit out the nearby window the very best option. I had a little conversation with the snake. I’m no parselmouth, but I did my best to gently encourage her to exit the building.

Eventually, the snake made an appearance in the opening of the vent, watching carefully for the cat, no doubt. 

I took Buddy for a walk and left Robert to help the snake to make her exit. She did and stayed on the porch for a while to get her bearings before gliding off to parts unknown. 

How did she get in? I do not know and that’s a bit of a worry. Best guess is that she was coiled in a plant that I brought in earlier in the day. I hope she let the other snakes know that outside was the better option. I’ll definitely check the plants more carefully before bringing them inside.


Fun! Jim Stafford and Dolly Parton “Spiders and Snakes”

If you know, you know. Laurie Anderson “Langue D’amour”