Thanksgiving cactus: Success at last!

In 2017, I adopted a gorgeous Thanksgiving cactus. (Wondering about the difference between Thanksgiving and Christmas cactuses? Me, too! It’s the shape of the leaf.) I’ve had limited success getting seasonal plants to rebloom, but recent success with my amaryllis bulb collection gave me hope. 

My Thanksgiving cactus is huge and looks very healthy, but it hasn’t bloomed since our first Christmas. I did all kinds of things to keep it cool,  in the dark, limit water, etc. No luck. All leaves, no blooms for the last three years. So this past summer, I put it on our covered front porch. Lots of light but no direct sun. Not in a place where it gets a lot of water. I ignored everything I had read about getting a Thanksgiving cactus to rebloom. I remembered that one of my plant friends brought a similar plant back to life on her porch.

And guess what? I was rewarded. It’s blooming!  It doesn’t have a ton of buds, but it has some, and they are just starting to open up. My plant-loving heart is overflowing with joy.