Learning-focused coaching

Hey, it's me! Jake Kupiec. I offer learning-focused coaching for executives, non-profit leaders, and artists.

I’m a woman named Jake, and you can pronounce my last name Kupiec as Coop-yetz or Coop-ee-eck. I provide learning-focused coaching for executives, non-profit leaders, and artists. I am also a strategic communications consultant. 

I have more than 10 years of experience as a communications director managing teams, including more than five years managing remote team members. I have also been a remote team member/manager and worked as part of international teams. I served on the board of a small non-profit, and I have volunteered for several non-profits providing professional services through Catchafire. In addition to completing an International Coach Federation-certified coach training program, I have a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master of science degree in geography. 

Listening is my superpower

My work requires me to be a listener. Listening to people and hearing their stories is a central theme in my life. More than once, as a coach, I have witnessed leaders experience the freedom of being able to be completely honest about their situation, goals, and dreams — sometimes for the first time. 

Always Growing

I have always been on the cutting edge of technology adoption. A few years ago, I discovered the work of Barbara Oakley, Angela Duckworth, and Carol Dweck, which sent me on an intense learning journey that I now know will never end. The outdoors is a big part of my life, and I am a proponent of the therapeutic effects of nature and a passionate champion of the commons, the cultural and natural resources accessible to all members of our society. Therefore, leaving everything better than I found it is one of my core values. I also like to grow things: plants, people, ideas, compassion, empathy, hope — myself — I am always growing something.

Learning-focused coaching

I am extremely learning-focused. I am passionate about learning in all its forms: self-inquiry, discussion groups of all sizes, articles, videos, online classes, books, and more. I can help you discover learning that works for you and connect you to resources that you can use to move forward. 

Also, I love a good quote, art, plants, quilts, coffee, dark chocolate, cute animal videos, dog kisses, and solving problems.  I am always ready to share what I know and provide the space to learn together. I can be your thought partner as you navigate a new path forward.

Above all, I’m on your side.

Jake Kupiec