Homemade chile oil FTW

We ran out of chili onion crunch sauce from Trader Joe’s recently. OMG, buy two of these when you can. (Chile or chili? Here’s helpful guidance from Merriam-Webster: Chili, Chilli, and Chile: Explaining the Difference.)

Two of my new favorite go-to recipes call for chile oil or crunchy garlic and it turns out chile oil is an easy DIY! 

I used this recipe from the New York Times and was amazed and happy with the results! Tasty! (The whole recipe is really good but I didn’t think it was necessary to bake the noodles.) Also found this one: Chile Crisp Recipe – NYT Cooking, and this one How to Make Chili Oil: The Perfect Recipe! 

Next up is this homemade vegan Worcestershire sauce from Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen! There’s a non-alcoholic version of a tomato juice-based drink in the near future with my name on it. 

Photo by Christina Rumpf on Unsplash