I don’t know who needs this: Editing Zoom recordings

I recently edited a lot of Zoom recordings stored in the cloud. It’s very easy to share recordings directly from Zoom if you have that capability on your account.

The editing options are limited but worked for all but one of my recordings. Basically, you can trim the beginning and end of the recordings. This worked well for most of the videos. One challenging thing was editing down to the second but through trial and error, I figured it out.

The editing is done by opening the recording, selecting the video, and then clicking on the scissors icon.

This will add a slider to the beginning and end of the recording. You can adjust the start and end time of the recording by moving the slider to your preferred start and end time. If you need more precision, click on the arrows in the sliders to move the slider back or forward by one second. The Playback Range in the lower left will help you know that you’ve hit your target.

More help from Zoom: https://blog.zoom.us/so-youve-made-a-zoom-recordingnow-what/

P.S. I also learned that to remove the chat from the cloud recording, I had to delete the file. I downloaded the file before deleting it so I would have a backup if I needed it. 

Feature photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash